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Just as its very name it assumes to be an Encyclopedic collection of real, continually updated deeds, documents, testimonies, and moreover an updated plenty of international LINKS
Greek Hippocrates oath tavola 43 dei Caprichos: copy owned by Association

ABUSE patterns: Encyclopedic synopsis and references

Web Site pertaining to
Associazione italiana, scientifica e giuridica, contro gli abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici. ONLUS

Francisco Goya y Lucients' "Los capricios"

Francisco Goya y Lucients' "Los capricios" n. 43n.43

This site/portal built by the AA.VV. of
Associazione italiana, scientifica e giuridica, contro gli abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici.ONLUS -

This site endorses some ever up-dates documents to be shared Encyclopedic synopsis and a lot of ever renewed links regarding every kind of abuse

and to promote knowledge and safeguard, help and defense, medical and legal knowledge for abused victims.


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Inserted microchips and targeted individuals

Microchips impiantati nel corpo umano
Segnalazioni di Allarme: Internazionali
Aggressioni pseudo-misteriose contro bersagli biologici  pdf
Fake-mysterious assaulters against biological targets
Delgado e Skinner
Psychocivilization and its discontents
Microwave Mind Control: modern torture and control mechanism eliminating Human Rights and Privacy
  con il file LarsonReport.htm
Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons Dr. Reinhard Munzert
  Testimony of an informatics engineer
Traduzioni e trascrit

Against children and women

Testimonianze del  'Caso BELGA' ... e non solo
Regina Louf.Silenzio.Qui si uccidono bambini
Links Europei contro la Pedofilia, il Settarismo e gli Abusi Strutturati e/o Rituali
Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million
Isis-Kurdistan: vemdita di donne e bambini
Memory recovery and screen memories
A macabre tale of medical arrogance

Part 1:


 Presentation and explanation

Part 3

Knock ou le triomphe de la médicine medical violence

A macabre tale of medical arrogance

Ospitati da un altro sito:
Quando la cartella clinica è terapeutica... Dare ai ricordi una specie di seconda vita?

Medicina: scienza applicata e multidisciplinare: Emozioni, istinti, ricordi, contraddizioni

l'animalità lungimirante della lince espressa nello sguardo - attento, perplesso,preoccupato -

Part 4:

 to protect and to help 

Links di organizzazioni e iniziative protettive

Links Europei contro la Pedofilia, il Settarismo e gli Abusi Strutturati  e/o Rituali

Bibliografia sugli 'ABUSI RITUALI' Synopsis for Ritual abuses

  False information sandwiched in between good information: Game plans - perps who publicize MC informati

Electronic Harassment: helpful suggestion

Quarto livello

Part 5:

"guest" pages from Italian sites

e Traduzioni e trascritti

Aggiornati il Sito del Dottor Roberto Topino e la sua continuazione

Teorie della Cospirazione: Notare: il titolo al PLURALE

Nuovo' World Iintelligence Foundation

  Testimony and Doubts

Armi vecchie e nuove, dall'uranio impoverito all'informazione impoverita
  Testimony of an informatics engineer

Isis Kurdistan: vendita di donne e bambini


Part 6

 international "guest" pages

Highlights of Changes from DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5

PTSD: National Center for PTSD

REGINA LOUF Silenzio.Uccidono-bambini

Memory recovery and screen memories

Microwave Mind Control: modern torture and control mechanism eliminating Human Rights and Privacy 

The Guilt-free Soldier


Covert Operations


Part 7:

 Personal/International pages

Artist/Designer Andrzej Suda's case
 Caso Suda: file originale
Artist Suda: Presentation
 of maximum interest for what gathered on is:
Andrzej (Andrew) Suda's Documentation / Documentazione with links on original pictures:
Suda: original recovered documents


Sabotage Photos and List

  Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons Dr. Reinhard Munzert

Testimonianze del  'Caso BELGA' ... e non solo

Regina Louf - Silenzio.Qui si uccidono bambini!

Part 8:


Ringraziamenti / Acknowledgement and thanks

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 It's Abuse NOT Science Fiction = Gli Abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici NON sono Fantascienza

to be followed by updated
books: the first one holds
new DOCUMENTS on a self-sufficient volume: UP-TO-DATE DOSSIERS

The site printed as an Encyclopedic book
It's Abuse NOT Science Fiction


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How not to use the site.

This site and its endorsments should never be considered as therapy.

This whole work task is a peer-to-peer to share information and support for a fruitful exchange of knowledge and testimonies.

 Any way we should notify that the site - as a whole or on single files - had often to be reviewed since DAMAGED by hackers: for example every file were repaired at November 5 2007 since the Inner Search Engine, well working till few days before, left off its function since impaired by a difficult to detect little change on its html code.

Foremost assumption

This site and the book do NOT be a fount of notices but an ENCYCLOPEDIC gather of different subjects coming from different sources and shared by different Authors: one another to be read time by time, or better to be CONSULTED even for learning,
The need to specify meanings and keys of reading introduces in EVERY file in the site methodological and/or instructing/founding additions: a rigorous methodological specification suggests to consider as valid information - in decreasing order:
  1. the concretely documentable observations of FACTS and OBJECTS
  2. in default of objects concreteness their shape shown with images (*)
  3. personal instinctive - not thought of - testimonies
  4. spontaneous, unprepared, not re-read first hand writings,
  5. movies and voice recorded data
  6. direct media news - not descriptive essays
  7. and - far behind, in the last position - the "Masters"
(*) Consequently in the site every image should also be a link to the place it comes from and - as for every other link -  constantly watched and up-to-dated.
  1.  "Oral" reports can be videotaped and/or voice recorded, since if only transcribed or reported by a third person lose their primary characteristic of sure faithfulness.
  2. Together with "deeds" and "things" as protagonists, the written first-hand impromptu testimonies do be a foundation of this whole work.
  3. In-order-to avoid futile debates on the AUTHENTICITY of the FIRST-HAND reports, should be considered an assertion coming from the professional experience: to bring up serious traumatic recalls it is easier to write than to speak.
  4. We do not "grade" suffering nor abuses: every harm is subjectively worth and should be worthy cared. But our aim is hightly share the less common harms and the evilest abuses: this page commits its main space to experiments, structured abuses,  military and spy drill perpetrated on children.


This site pertains to a no-profit Association, its Statute states that it has to AVOID every monetary offer. Every quotation from the site and related book are protected by Copyright and by Copyscape against plagiarism: so has to be cited only with its complete origin. Every collaboration - obviously only if in accord with the Association's aims - will be very agreed. We don't pay any free  collaboration but cover it and its Author by a personalized Copyright.
The main aim of our work and then of our site is to hold and suggest the maximum possible of awareness also with not so common place references. Ant way we hope to can be enough cautious to select only sure ones: but we solicit everyone to send us every comment or - moreover - criticism:  we hope to can be enough cautious to select only sure ones: but we solicit everyone to send us every comment or - moreover - criticism.
NOT a periodical magazine: the form and aim of this site/portal is to partake data and knowledge timely and largely but without any periodicity. Its source scripts and articles try to be founded the most of FIRST-HAND knowledge of facts and/or by - very welcoming - direct advices given by readers. But "first hand" does not mean a simple definition: our basic program is to be concerned on regard of precise PERSONS: to receive information, to manage data, to clear up problems is our  endeavour but mostly when starting from PERSONS asking for PERSONAL help. It is to say that  our care prefers to keep away from general questions for going on in PERSONAL behalf and then from, private mishaps to open towards general, even political harms..
Summarizing: the only purpose of this site is to INFORM, avoiding to explain and "teach".  Searching and asking for every kind of concealed information we avoid to host any advertising.   Correction and adds are welcome but it doesn't means payment nor password to login.
We try to quote every source with the maximum of care on its exact shape abd language, also providing with its login and pictures. Every changment of the context and links are warched also helped by selected references and official check-engine. But any way, if for whichever reason something could have been recognized faulty or lacking or out of date or no more active, we discuss and then correct or even clear it up.
The whole context of texts and choice of image and quotation belongs to the Association team, but some endorsed articles and files are copyighted as pertainining to their Authors. So it is mandatory to ask the site owner and personally each one of copyrighted Author for exploiting or manipulating their works. Then without explicit authorization it is forbidden to copy, endorse, publish, reproduct,  change and use on whatever way the total or even partial contents of our site.
This site is continually in touch with many source of information, and so it will be alike continually up-dated. It endorses into many files relating to many subjects and FACTS. By keywords it is also well placed on the Search Engines. Time by time everyone can find the searched subject or reach the more cogent subjective problems shared on the main Search Engines or on the inner Search Engine of the site itself. A second task of this Encyclopedic work is to offer the most of related  knowledge: so on every file one can go and open a hugest lot of links. And on reverse every one can - and this is particularly agreed -  suggest other argument and/or present unresolved problems.
Summarizing: at first Association and related site and book(s) were built to assist and better help VICTIMS and survivors suffering or having suffered every kind of ABUSES. Some kind of survivors and damaged people pertains to a tangled - really contextual - field of survivors either from "structured - sexual and pedophile - abuses" or to victims and Association of victims of past and present mental "brain-washing", "microchips insertion", use of human beings as "guinea pigs". and so on harmed by every kind of misuse of new technologie - i.e. "energy weapons". So the ultimate Association's approach is to offer and consolidate this - so often misleading and mismanaged - knowledge for the most possible wide extent of commonplace people. The namrd Associatyn's task is to unveil this misunderstood field: to really explain how and when t's Abuse NOT Science fiction.
Italian, scientific and juridical, Association against mental, bodily, rechnical Association: but the "juridical" approach,  the professional skill to recognize the culprits and the instruments for harming is only the lesser.

On November 2002 began its endeavour the No-Profit Associazione Italiana, scientifica e giuridica, contro gli abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici opening its related Web site -
The site is daily on review and  continually up-dated, but on July 2005 the - at time actual site - mirrored  on a - static - book It's Abuse NOT Science fiction / Gli Abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici NON sono Fantascienza. (International Copyright: Certificate of Registration: May 6 2006)
With both issues the whole work's aim is primarily to can share data and knowledge the most timely and largely. Not as primary source scripts and articles, but the most on FIRST-HAND knowledge of facts and/or by - very welcoming - direct pieces of  advice given by readers.
But "first hand" does not mean a simple definition. Our basic aim is to be concerned on regard of precise PERSONS: our endeavour is to get information, to manage data, to know secretive problems: but mostly when starting from "normal" people's direct testimonies .
Since that site and all its internal pages are unrelenting updating, we suggest time by time to take some looks on it. Consequently we appeal to be noticed on regard of comments, criticisms - even technical ones - also for adding new data and/or even new pages. Besides we assumed that all our  quotations are authentic, also when translated: but only if surely translated by foreign Authors themselves. English is considered worldwide - mostly on Internet - as the main "lingua franca": a language which great advantage inheres also since requiring very few diacritical marks. A big lot of "international" readers searches our site and its links and offers in turn useful links coming from more than fifty Nations: but many of them speak and moreover WRITE with different characters than our Latin ones - Greek, Cyrillic, Arab, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese ... Then we choose to simplify all these scripts using really their own pages, but - only - if translated and transcript on English by themselves.  .

Not from one or another facet of this so tangled field raised the Association and this Web site and books: a compelling purpose considering the variety of "mental, bodily and technological" abuses. But while this perspective accepts the assortment of so multifarious and in progress documentation, it does not accept to deny the reality of the variety of different contexts and cases - sometimes utterly disparate - of "mental and/or bodily and/or technological Abuses". Site and books need to amalgamate the whole into an Encyclopedic miscellaneous entity, not ro write a smoothly fluent "easy-to-read" novel-like story. Every personally known victim claims attention on his/her own wholeness: then this justifies a lot of files/chapters, each one belonging and referring to a very different situations and a very different way to document. So so often "first hand" quotes into many files/chapters interrupts the text.  Web site and printed on books are then stuffed by an assortment of totally "foreign guests files/chapters" and different styles of writing.

We don't like "stars" nor "heroes". Besides we strongly reject THEORIES instead of OBSERVATIONS, as well every invite to simplify and coerce different deeds and different causes into one unified bunch.
Therefore the lot of discoveries so gathered - and this was a real surprise -  got we aware that the SCATTERED diffusion of a lot of offensive tools resulted almost real: moreover that everyone can buy without difficulties every kind of actual weaponry, every one can buy terrible and performing engines even at a very low price. On the height of damage many of such engines are sold for apparent not harming uses: for amusement, for chasing rats, for sending away birds...: not only for ... obviously military drills or for harming chosen people...
But the foremost engagement of this whole work is to avoid bare subjective description or - worse - FAKE misconception: what is REAL IS RATIONAL has to be considered as our "password". What is proved and documented is real not "hi-fi" since as it is as strange as it appears. Then it has not to be interpreted but assumed before submit to validating experimentation. Our endeavour does NO OPT for designate target: to search and share a sure TRUTH is an aim too much pretentious. We don't waste time against sources of preconceived notion, our endeavour is rather focused to find and hold the most large amount of valid knowledge and proofs to be widespread and wide used: an offer which means notwithstanding also a better potential protection.

Mental, physical and technological abuses: NOT science fiction. (?(
At November 2002 the Italian Association, Scientific and Juridical, Against Mental, Physical and Technological Abuses – acronym asijca-mft– was founded and its mouthpiece Web site was put on the Net; then, in July 2005 the whole Web site – how it looked like at that time – became also an ENCYCLOPEDIC book. Site and books task is to rearrange, make known and divulge all the collected material, especially the unpublished and mislead one. But, because of its own statutory nature, a Web site – contrary to a printed book – can’t be a “finished” work: in fact it DOES NOT aim at providing purely historical documentation, but at collecting a CONTINUATIVE adjournment about facts and testimonies. Thanks to this dynamism, request and debates become thenselves other “facts”, and these debates and arguments do not remain theorical discussions. Some files are meanwhile greatly modified and others completely created in conformity with these presuppositions: adding or correcting new information about facts and of authentic texts of testimonies, ever engaging  to be collected.
Here comes an impellent necessity to publish in preview these new data into a SUPPLEMENT of the first book, before starting its real second edition not only revised but also even better adjourned.
However, the newest CONTENTS made the chapters chosen for this APPENDIX, made this second book lookiing itself as a HOMOGENEOUS VOLUME. Especially new and better organized FIRST-HAND data and pictures added to the "personal testimonies" and to “guest chapters” thicken this supplement to become even as basic as the main book .

Internal pages: the newest ones and they which give more significant subjects

 key for up- dates and disclaimers:
Presentazione e indice ragionato: come cominciare / Preamble: how to begin

  Against HUMANHOOD, against childhood, and felony in medicine

Testimonianze del 'Caso BELGA' ... e non solo
Links Europei contro la Pedofilia, il Settarismo e gli Abusi Strutturati e/o Rituali
STUPRI DI GUERRA: I figli dell'odio
Regina Louf  Silenzio. Qui si uccidono bambini
Isis-Kurdistan: vemdita di donne e bambini

basic and often up-dated data are on:
  Esperimenti su bambine/i anche in ESPERIMENTI SU BAMBINE_I.PDF
 Regina Louf - Silenzio.ui si uccidono bambini!
Il Prezzo del Potere
  Testimony of an informatics engineer
Alle vittime bersagli o targeted individuals di attività persecutoria includente l'uso di armi ad alta tecnologia

TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: awful and fertile rise of new SUPERSTITIONS
Testimonianze del 'Caso Belga... e non solo

Science related, deeds and objects
Aggressioni pseudo-misteriose contro bersagli biologici.pdf
Aggressioni pseudo-misteriose contro bersagli biologici.htm
Fake-mysterious assaulters against biological targets.htm
Segnalazioni di Allarme: Internazionali
Links e Citazioni su Segnali di Pericolo 
Armi ad Energia diretta
Microchips Impiantati nel Corpo Umano
...altre Sopraffazioni e Violazioni
Dal sito dell'Ingegner Giuseppe Muratori: 'NUOVO' WORLD INTELLIGENCE FOUNDATION
Delgado & Skinner
Psychocivilization and its discontents

To help and protect
Links di Organizzazioni e Iniziative Protettive
Links Europei contro la Pedofilia, il Settarismo e gli Abusi Strutturati e/o Rituali
  Testimony and Doubts
Armi vecchie e nuove, dall'uranio impoverito all'informazione impoverita

PLURAL links on Teorie della cospirazione.

Considerazioni riassuntive e metodologiche /summarizing issues and method:
Presentazioni e Diffide
Per concludere... / accomplishment

It's Abuse NOT Science fiction Libro / Book

Abuse links





madwoman of Shaillot
Madwoman of Shaillot: at thirteen abused as
(...flaxen haired heroines of  English folklore and poetry The Lady of Shaillot, Guinevere, Fair Rosamond, Shakespeare’s Ophelia...)
(Also on Consciousness and memory;)

former Kathleen Sullivan's Website:
(with sorrow we have to notice:Yesterday, I decided to remove my personal website at, partly to take some of the stress off myself of having to keep it up, but also because it could have given way too much information about me to clients who like to Google. The ex-NAFF site will continue, and soon I'll update it.)
My autobiography, Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control  published in 2003 by Dandelion Books
Satans Underground:
The Extraordinary Story of One Woman's Escape by Lauren Stratford, Johanna Michaelson 1989 (vedi gli altri suoi libri e notizie sull'Autrice)
(The way in which active pornography and Satanic ritual abuse is hidden throughout our modern day society is revealed in this extremely moving account of one woman's personal experience from the tender age of a child right through to adult-hood...)
... comment on Amazon.  Look also on Testimonianze e dubbi)

Electronic Harassment: helpful suggestion / Consigli per chi si sente Vittima di Mind Control
(guest sites n English)

Mind Control Within the United States
by Kai Bashir
(look Testimonianze e dubbi) and Welcome to Web Address
 Armi ad Energia diretta

Robert NaeslundRobert Naeslund
microchip espiantato e visto al miscroscopio
Appello internazionale per il DSM-5



Artist/Designer Andrzej Suda's case
Andrzej (Andrew) Suda's Documentation / Documentazione Suda.correct.pdf
Artist Suda: Presentation

Ma articoli importanti e significativi possono però pur sempre venir letti in questo sito come file "ospitati"
 World Intelligence Foundation

vedi anche
Ermes Coordinator Interviewed on Echelon
Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive

Anna C. Salter, Ph.D.
Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and other Sexual Offenders.
Published in 2003

Definitions of Extreme and Sadistic Abuse (SA),
Ritualized Torture (RT)
Trauma-based programming o artificially creation
nel DSM-5 (F44.81, nelle edizioni precedenti: Multiple Personality Disorder/MPD - 300.14 nel DSM-IV)

Post - 1977 continuation of MKULTRA - Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System mainly using electronic neuro-influence devices which attack the brain and nervous system (EM)

Complex Trauma and Disorders of Extreme Stress (DESNOS)

Sabotage Photos and List

brain transmitter

Brain Transmitter

How They Are Used

a road map to the mind
Neuroprosthesis Research Organization dedicated to providing science news information and advice to individuals with chronic electrode implants in their brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and/or muscles.

The participation of health professionals in abuse destroyed the essential trust between patients and their clinicians

PHR Action Torture Report Confirms Health Professional Complicity

          PHR: Physicians for Human Rights
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence just released a report confirming the complicity of health professionals in torture and detainee abuse.

The report unveiled years of secrecy and lies that were used to hide the truth about torture and to protect those who engaged in it. The participation of health professionals in abuse destroyed the essential trust between patients and their clinicians.
Physicians for
Human Rights

Fight against Torture
Thanks to your efforts, the American Psychological Association (APA) has voted to ban psychologists’ participation in national security interrogations! This is an important step toward ensuring that psychologists abide by their obligation to “do no harm.”

Victim owed compensation in CIA case

Chicago OKs $5.5M in Reparations for Police Torture Victims
May 6, 2015, ABC News/Associated Press
 judge told January 11, 2007, Globe and Mail (One of Canada's leading newspapers)

Note: What this article fails to mention is that Dr. Cameron was also the president of both the American Psychiatric Association and the World Psychiatric Association. For more reliable information, click here

Doing Harm: Health Professionals’ Central Role in the CIA Torture Program

Medical and Psychological Analysis of the 2014 U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report’s Executive Summary 
The torture report’s executive summary describes in detail the acts and omissions of CIA health professionals who violated their professional ethics, undermined the critical bond of trust between patients and doctors, and broke the law. Based on PHR’s detailed review of the SSCI summary, health professionals who participated in the CIA torture program violated core ethical principles common to all healing professions, including the following obligations.
The torture report’s executive summary describes in detail the acts and omissions of CIA health professionals who violated their professional ethics, undermined the critical bond of trust between patients and doctors, and broke the law. Based on PHR’s detailed review of the SSCI summary, health professionals who participated in the CIA torture program violated core ethical principles common to all healing professions, including the following obligations:
    • To do no harm;
    • To protect the lives and health of patients under their care from harm and brutality;
    • To prevent and report torture;
    • To uphold standards of professionalism, be honest in professional interactions, and report incompetence, fraud, and deception;
    • To never engage in unethical research on human subjects;
    • To receive the informed consent of the patient before providing medical treatment;
    • To only perform roles consistent with their ethics and professional competencies;
    • To find an ethical resolution when health professionals’ obligations to persons under their care and to society conflict with the agenda of state institutions.
... Health Professionals May Have Committed War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity
Abuse by Health Professionals
The SSCI summary indicates that CIA health professionals – psychologists, physicians (including psychiatrists), and physician assistants – directly participated in the CIA’s torture program and were central to its development and implementation, as well as attempts to justify the use of torture. The SSCI summary documents unethical and illegal acts perpetrated by CIA health professionals, including:
1) Designing, directing, and profiting from the torture program: Psychologists conceptualized and designed the CIA torture techniques, then helped implement the program, receiving a sole- source, multi-million dollar CIA contract for these services.
2) Intentionally inflicting harm on detainees: Health professionals intentionally inflicted and/or threatened to inflict severe harm and suffering on detainees in CIA custody.
3) Enabling DoJ lawyers to create a fiction of “safe, legal, and effective” interrogation practices: Health professionals participated in the DoJ’s Office of Legal Counsel’s spurious legal rationale that the techniques would not be considered torture so long as health professionals certified they were not.
4) Engaging in potential human subjects research to provide legal cover for torture: Health professionals collected and analyzed data from application of techniques in an effort to legitimize torture. OMS officials expressed concern that these documentation practices could constitute illegal human subjects research. Senior CIA officials who were asked to evaluate the efficacy of the tactics expressed similar concerns.
5) Monitoring detainee torture and calibrating levels of pain: Health professionals monitored, documented, and calibrated the intentional infliction of harm on detainees.
6) Evaluating and treating detainees for purposes of torture: Health professionals evaluated and treated detainees before, during, and after torture in order to enable the torture to occur.
7) Conditioning medical care on cooperation with interrogators: Health professionals provided medical care that was contingent upon whether or not detainees were deemed to have cooperated with interrogators.
8) Failing to document physical and/or psychological evidence of torture: Health professionals did not document the torture inflicted on detainees, which served to conceal the tactics’ harmful effects.


science and math equations

Periodic Table of Elements
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Chemistry Division


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