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February 5 2017


Criminal and scientific misconduit involving Neural Prosthesis Research
December 27 2006 UPDATE: Letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich,
Ranking Democrat of the Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security.

Congressional Disclosures and Civil Litigation detailing a Special Access Program (SAP) within the Bush Administration. "The Program" is being used to deploy Implantable Biomedical Device Technology for surveillance and interrogation as CIA "sources and methods" to conceal unlawful domestic intelligence activities from Congress.
New Documents uploaded 03/10/2009
"The Program" - Dick Cheney Assassination sources and methods
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About the Book This book not only documents the case of Andrzej Suda, it is also filled with documentation from the worlds most influential documented cases of psychological abuse, electronic harassment, organized stalking and mind control. Some cases include Rauni Leena Kilde MD., Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Kathy Sullivan, David Larson, and many others... Please support the truth with the purchase of our book. This will document many technologies and mind control weapons that have been kept hidden from the mainstream public. Over 600 pages of action packed TRUTH!

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Complex Trauma and Disorders of Extreme Stress (DESNOS)
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Mental, physical and technological abuses: NOT science fiction.
To rearrange, make known and divulge all the collected material – especially unpublished - in November 2002 the Italian Association, Scientific and Juridical, Against Mental, Physical and Technological Abuses – acronym aisjca-mft – was founded and its mouthpiece Web site was put on the Net; then, in July 2005, the whole Web site – how it looked like at that time – became also an ENCYCLOPEDIC book. But, because of its own statutory nature a Web site – contrary to a printed book – can’t be a “finished” work: in fact it DOES NOT aim at providing purely historical documentation, but at collecting a CONTINUATIVE adjournment about facts and testimonies. Thanks to this dynamism requests and debates concretize into other “facts” and these debates do not remain theoric discussions.  And so, in this years, in conformity with these presuppositions, some files have been greatly modified and others completely created: with new information about facts and authentic texts of testimonies which are still being collected. Then came the impellent necessity to publish in preview this new data as a SUPPLEMENT of the main book, before starting its real second edition not only revised but also even better adjurned.

Recovered NIH Neural Prosthesis Devices  Results of a broken system with failing ethics and lack of oversight.

To view photos, hover your mouse pointer over the numbers below. All of the photos depict recovered neural prosthesis devices (devices used to record and stimulate motor and sensory biological activity) that were implanted by Gerald Loeb and Joseph Schulman of the Alfred E. Mann Foundation, USC, Second Sight LLC, and Quallion LLC, and funded by William Heetderks, Director of Extramural Research at the N.I.H. These devices were used for unethical and illeagal research performed without any IRB approval (IRB would not approve their requests) and was performed in a reckless and criminal manner. Images were captured during microscopy examination at magnification levels between 10x to 200x,.
The small size of the devices can be deceptive when magnified, so in some images, a Lincoln penny is used for size reference and comparison. Extensive testing using MRi (1.5T and 3.0T), ultrasound, x-ray radiography and CT, show that the devices are non-ferrous and cannot be localized using currently available clinical radiology methods. The devices below were recovered following significant inflammation and infection which caused the tissue to begin rejecting the implants, which allowed medical personnel to localize and extract them
- Media Contact: Dave Larson - (760) 371-7700

Charles August Schlund in the United States District Court for the Central District of Arizona: High-Tech Torture Lawsuit [Schlund vs. Bush] Headed To Appeals Court
Plaintiff Schlund
On searching once more notices regarding Charles Schlund, one can still find a Web page of the no more active HEYOKAmagazine site - only for the time being and then if interesting to be saved - showing an interview with him, corroborated by many concurring links and some videos: to be noticed the 9 min video on psychotronics explaining the experiments by scientists Andre Puharich, Michael Persinger, James Lin, Bill van Bise, Eldon Byrd, Robert Becker, Smirnov, Joseph Sharp, Allen Fry and James Lilly.

Jesse -
Gio 18 Apr 2002 03:20

How do you suppose he got the 'bugs' on/in you in the first place?
Lars121 wrote:

> Because Joseph Schulman K6BWA / KA6UFC's entire career revolves around
> implantable biomedical devices, and:

> 1.  that I have recovered several devices from infected sites on my person,
> 2. and that they precisely match his US Patent Office filings and drawings,
> 3. and because he has 224.840MHz repeaters to the N, S, E and S-E of my
> residence, all within a 22 mile radius,
> 4. and (!) because it is documented that due to tissue impedance and
> bandwidth issues, the 200MHz spectrum is preferred for this application
> which involves stimulation and recording of human biological signals.....
> Allow me to pose this question:
> What are the chances that Joseph Schulman K6BWA is NOT in violation of the
> law as well as FCC regulations??
> Additionally, what are the chances that these signal transmissions as
> described below, could appear to be legitimate encoding or appear similar to
> repeater configuration commands??
> Text from research reports sent to the NIH from K6BWA, Joseph Schulman:
> "We have started construction of a implantable device controller that can
> store arbitrarily long or complex sequences of carrier modulation from a PC
> and transmit those sequences while maintaining synchronization with the RF
> oscillator in the coil-driver sub-system (implant circuit)....
> "Personal-TrainerT" Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller... uses a shift
> register to count RF carrier cycles and generate requests for bytes
> representing the desired serial carrier states. This strategy greatly
> simplifies the firmware for the "Personal-TrainerT", but requires PC based
> software to implement the encoding of the medical device parameters into
> serial carrier modulations. The necessary software is an addition to our
> ClinFit software package..."
> "Suspended Carrier allows the use of same coil for both incoming and
> outbound telemetry at the same frequency...  by picking up the residual
> resonance as clock-timing parameters,..
> I'm hoping that someone can provide some helpful insight.
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  • From: "Lars121" <>
  • Subject: MRI challenges...
  • Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 15:32:46 GMT
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Radiology Details

Devices are too small to be imaged using typical clinical MRI protocol
The devices were developed during NIH/NINDS/NPP funded research to develop a neural prosthesis, implantable devices that deliver pulsed charges of electricity to the nervous system to restore vision, hearing or motor function to disabled individuals.
(FES = functional electrical stimulation)

These devices are small. The bulk of the semiconductor material (Silicon) measures approximately 600m x 600m, and is roughly 200m in thickness. The complete devices are slightly larger (maybe about 1mm x 2mm, but still only microns thick. A thin polymer or epoxy coating provides encapsulation and biocompatibility. Because the devices are too small to image using conventional means, university research personnel have relied on histological examination after the animal is sacrificed so that microscopy can be used to inspect for device condition, such as damage, surface modification, and also inspect for device migration within the tissue.
In this patient's case, the biocompatibility failed and caused numerous subdermal infections which were temporarily treated with both topical and oral antibiotics (Cleocin T, Upjohn product), to minimize the infections, but some infected tissue rejected the foreign material. Several of the devices have been\ recovered , and one of them can be seen here.
*Note the size when shown next to a coin for reference.

Remaining devices still exist and are a problem. Patient is highly motivated to image their location and have them surgically removed. My studies along with brief correspondence with leading researchers like Petra Schmalbrock at OSU, and Alan Wilman at Univ. Alberta, Edmonton would indicate that MRI would be best suited for imaging devices such as these, but their small size makes this very challenging.
Patient underwent a series of images here locally which was done using standard, typical protocol on a Signa 1.5T system w/ and w/o contrast. This did not result in clear device images, but there were some artifacts.
Artifacts were consistent with and appeared similar to small cysts. It is my opinion that the "cysts" may be the result of implanted devices which have become infected. It is also my opinion that there are more sites which are not infected, and thus, even more difficult to image. Histology studies performed by Dr. John Rossiter in Canada show that these devices commonly have a tough, fibrous layer of dead cells which have attached and surround the device after a duration of being implanted, so this would play a role as well.
Probably offering the greatest chance of successfully imaging these devices are the new high-field systems. Philips has just released a new 3.0T system in the U.S., and Bruker is offering something similar. There is a system at OSU operating at 6.4T, and can currently image particle sizes, if I remember correctly, to 250m x 250m x 1000m, and they feel that with refinement, this will soon be 250mx3. Because 6.4T would not be available to this patient unless permitted as part of approved research protocol. I am fairly certain that one of the Philips/Bruker 3.0T systems may prove sufficient, however I would welcome any insight qualified individuals have to offer. I
am also currently seeking to locate a facility or clinic that has one of the 3.0T systems in operation. Many thanks!
D.A. Larson
Encino, CA

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  • From: (dude2)
  • Subject: Re: MRI challenges...
  • Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 20:55:31 +0200
  • Organization: X-No-archive: yes

Lars121 <> wrote:

> Probably offering the greatest chance of successfully imaging these devices
> are the new high-field systems. Philips has just released a new 3.0T system
> in the U.S., and Bruker is offering something similar. There is a system at
> OSU operating at 6.4T, and can currently image particle sizes, if I remember
> correctly, to 250m x 250m x 1000m, and they feel that with refinement,
> this will soon be 250mx3. Because 6.4T would not be available to this
> patient unless permitted as part of approved research protocol. I am fairly
> certain that one of the Philips/Bruker 3.0T systems may prove sufficient,
> however I would welcome any insight qualified individuals have to offer. I
> am also currently seeking to locate a facility or clinic that has one of the
> 3.0T systems in operation. Many thanks!

If the devices contain any ferrous metal the 6.4T machines will localise
and remove them in one sitting...




Case Evidence Detailing Defense Special Access, Implantable Biomedical Technology and it's misuse by Defense and Intelligence Agencies...

Case evidence: Basic Declaration
1. I have a quantity of small biomedical devices that were implanted for research purposes by Dr. Gerald Loeb in fulfillment of the Alfred Mann Foundation's government contractual obligations. Physicians have removed some of the devices, however some remain residually implanted due to complications and have yet to be removed. Substantial medical records document the surgicl removal of devices and complications caused by remaining devices.
2. Research efforts at the Alfred Mann Foundation have personnel involved with research efforts using FCC regulated RF spectrum to remotely interact with these devices. This is explained in a confidential internal FCC document disclosing the nature of the research efforts occurring at the Mann Foundation. This document clearly states that the FCC has allocated the Mann Foundation bandwidth including 216-225MHz (1.25 meter) spectrum in order to pursue research efforts during a 5-year experimental study period.
3. Personnel affiliated with the Mann Foundation research efforts have begun using residually implanted devices in a cruel and malicious manner to willfully inflict pain in retaliation for complainant whistleblower efforts. This repeated unlawful behavior has caused complainant to file police reports, phone 911 in response to these incidents, meet with Federal Authorities, and has resulted in a DOD Inspector General investigation.
4. Alfred Mann and affiliated personnel have repeatedly contacted complainant via HAM radio (both parties are FCC licensed operators) to threaten physical harm and loss of property unless complainant remains silent about the unlawful acts occurring as part of Alfred Mann's research efforts.
In addition to interacting in real-time using the experimental FCC license awarded to the Mann Foundation, the unlawful use of devices may occur automatically in a “closed-loop” mode as per Loeb’s patent #6,658,301 and other patents filed by Mann Foundation principals governing the automated “closed-loop” mode.
Articles of Evidence
Medical records
FCC Experimental License
Patent Comparison 1
Patent Comparison 2
Patent Comparison 3
Device Analysis
Recovered Biomedical devices
Testosterone Patent 6,175,764
Testosterone Paper
System Patent
More Device Images |
Technical Information>
Closed-Loop Operation, Default Configuration In addition to interacting and controlling implanted device operation via wireless connection, a system has been developed that allows the devices to continue functioning, even without an RF power or data signal. Each device has a microscopic amount of thin-film memory that stores "default stimulation parameters". The devices can be powered from any AM modulated RF signal, however these devices also feature hybrid tantalum/capacitor electrodes. The tantalum acts as both a capacitor, and an electrode that interfaces with tissue, and the tantalum capacitor is able to charge by itself using the electrolytes present in the body tissue. In short, the devices may continue to operate in an automated, closed-loop fashion, even if the subject is in a RF free environment. Many patents filed by the Alfred Mann Foundation address the closed-loop mode as well as the ability to control implanted devices using numerous wireless communication modes which include modulated ultrasonic signal, magnetic inductive link, and RF frequencies. (a)

Preventing devices from being detected or localized by clinical radiology methods In order to prevent implanted devices from being found and removed by medical personnel, it was important that the devices avoid generating a contrast artifiact during radiology methods such as Magnetic Resonance (MRi_, Computerized Tomography (CT), Ultrasound, or traditional x-ray radiography. In order to accomplish this, the devices would have to be very small, but more importantly, they would have to be constructed using completely non-ferous materials. While in Toronto, Gerald Loeb of the Mann Foundation worked with radiologist John Rossiter under an NIH contract. The double-blind protocol was ideally suited to allow Loeb to test different variations and determine what radiologists could see, and could not see, during radiology efforts. The bulk of the devices consist of integrated tantalum capacitor/electrodes and it was determined that the tantalum contained trace amounts of ferrous contaminants and metals. These trace amounts were a problem for the Mann Foundation because it was just enough to cause a contrast artifact on radiology film. The trace amounts of other metals were exteremely minimal and were of no concern to traditional suppliers of tantalum (such as AVX) because the medical industry had no need to hide tantalum from radiologists. The Mann Foundation began trying to source new, extremely pure tantalum, and also struggled to explain why. In a quarterly progress report submitted to Bill Heetderks as part of their NIH funding, Schulman wrote that "A lawyer for the tantalum company called us and stated that they could not supply tantalum for implanted devices because the word 'silicon sounds too much like silicone' and feared litigation". There are tantalum suppliers that have been supplying manufacturers of pacemakers and cochlear implants for many years, and there is not a problem finding tantalum for use in implanted devices. Schulman knew this of course because he is a principal at Advanced Bionics (Clarion cochlear implant) and Pacesetter/Siemens (pacemakers). Regardless, it was a fabricated excuse concocted to explain why they would spend the next four months sourcing a new supply of tantalum. In the end, Wilson Greatbatch Technologies was created in 1997 to supply the government and Mann Foundation with tantalum that could be hidden from clinical radiologists. Schulman's excuse about not being able to find a tantalum supplier for four months because the suppliers feared litigation if their tantalum was used in medical devices was pathetic. When Gerald Loeb submitted his grant application to Bill Heetderks at the NIH/NICHD, he also was forced to explain why they needed such "special" tantalum, however Loeb concoted his own excuse. Loeb wrote "the trace amounts of contaminants caused the tantalum not to be able to withstand the high pre-charge voltage required for device operation" and thus, required yet again, "special tantalum".

Testosterone for behavior modification Gerald Loeb of the Mann Foundation investigated adding testosterone into the epoxy coating of devices which could then be released in a controlled manner into research subjects. This is discussed in his patent 6,175,764 and is also discussed in a research paper Loeb and his wife, F.J. Richmond attached to another quarterly progress report submitted to Heetderks under Mann's NIH contracts. The paper goes on to state that they elevated circulating levels of testosterone in cats by as much as 5000%, or 50x above normal, and noted increased rage and promiscuity. The difficult thing for Loeb and Schulman is explaining how 50x elevated testosterone combined with electrical stimulation was supposed to be therapeutic. There were previous studies that showed testosterone did not treat muscular disuse atrophy, so they claimed to be investigating treating disuse atrophy again, only this time, Schulman and Loeb claimed to have "special testosterone" provided by "Dr. Schaffie of Innovative Research Products of America". In the end, Schulman and Loeb's paper claimed that the manufactures claims were erroneous and (suprise) the testosterone was innefective in treating disuse atrophy. They did however, learn how to instigate violent acts of aggression and rage using testosterone to "supplement and enhance the effects of electrical stimulation". It is no wonder that Loeb is now under subcontract with the Naval Space Warfare Center (SPAWAR prime contract N6600106C8005). Is there any doubt that this technology is not therapeutic and has been used for evil against American citizens?

Recovered devices cataloged at the Larson Lab.What has been developed?
Biomems devices have been surgically recovered , analyzed and retained. Microscopy image captures required 10x and 60x magnification to identify submillimeter features.
What has been developed | Submillimeter sized implantable biomems devices that are non ferrous resulting in devices which cannot be localized by clinical radiology methods. The devices are capable of recording biological data such as EEG, EMG, EKG data and are the basis for auditory, visual, and motor prosthetic technology. The devices are also capable of delivering electrical current into the biological system and feature bi=directional wirelss telemetry using FCC regulated spectrum.
Dave Larson has been involved in the development of government funded implantable medical device technology since March 1997, as a Biomedical Engineering student, research subject, Microsoft Certified Technician, programmer and FCC licensed operator KI6JJN. This site details the ongoing legal effort regarding criminal misconduct and abuse of Defense Special Access Program provisions, and a campaign for government ethics and reform. A "Special Access Program" (or "SAP") is described as "a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information" by the U.S. Department of Defense,  more commonly known as "black projects". This site details one such project that may well be the darkest, blackest, highly classified project ever to recieve public exposure. Extensive research efforts, ongoing legal efforts, and Freedom of Information requests have resulted in the factual data, and comprehensive documentation explicitly detailing U.S. Government efforts to develop implantable medical device technology for deployment as a Defense Tactical Weapon, and Intelligence Tool. What began in 1997 as an inquiry has evolved into a moral and ethical dilemma that has personnel from the NIH, the United States Dept. of Defense, the FBI, and it's Defense Contractor, the Alfred E. Mann Foundation, committing acts of felony criminal misconduct, fraud, and civil rights violations under the protections of "National Security", the Patriot Act and governmental contractual obligations. Civil litigation is being sought in the interest of justice and public interest.
Updated Section: newest documents New correspondence | in the documents section
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Microchips impiantati nel corpo umano
...altre sopraffazioni e violazioni
NUOVISSIME TECNOLOGIE? Advanced Technologies? Technologies Avances? Spitzentechnologien?
Covert Operations of the U.S. National Security Agency
Dal sito dell'Ingegner Giuseppe Muratori: 'NUOVO' WORLD INTELLIGENCE FOUNDATION
Delgado & Skinner e l'intervista a Delgado Psychocivilization and its discontents
Testimonianze di un ingegnere informatico / Testimony of an informatic ingeneerr
Armi vecchie e nuove, dall'uranio impoverito all'informazione impoverita

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Artist Suda: Presentation
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Kathleen Sullivan's page: Memory recovery and screen memories
LarsonReport.htm and
Microchips impiantati nel corpo umano

Microwave Mindcontrol
Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million 
Sabotage Photos and List
  Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons Dr. Reinhard Munzert

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