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9 febbraio 2017 / February 9 2017

BASK Flashbacks

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(*) Un'importante segnalazione italiana ha permesso di integrare questo file con una eloquente citazione metodologica, indicativa di quanto sia basilare riconoscere i COLLEGAMENTI TRA PRESENTE E PASSATO, mentre la presentazione - in inglese - della conferenza di J. Rieseman si costituisce come introduzione al resto del testo. / An Italian advice points out how basic does to rcognize bonds among PRESENT AND PAST, while the introduction of the J.Rieseman Conference explains and validates the whole subject.

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BASK Flashbacks

Jeannie Riseman

 also with inner interesting comments: go to this new basic file:
My Father’s Birthday


In case you hadn't heard, Survivorship is giving a series of Webinars on various aspects of ritual abuse and healing. Webinars are seminars on the Web -- basically, conference calls plus slides. All you need is a phone and a computer. They are like presentations at a conference, except there is no travel involved! Complete information on our Webinars is at Jeannie Riseman on past conference talkes on Sensory and Emotional Flashbacks. I'm a retired clinical social worker and a ritual abuse survivor who was used in early government/academic mind control experimentation. I used to edit Survivorship’s Journal and Notes and I currently maintain the website and moderate the message board. My own website is
In "Sensory and Emotional Flashbacks", I'll cover the following topics:
  1. Information about how memory works (presented in easily understandable terms)
  2. Two models of flashbacks
  3. Dealing with sight, sound, small, pain, and emotional flashbacks
  4. Constructing your own flashback work sheet
I have found that it helped me immensely to have an intellectual understanding of what was happening as memories surfaced. Although I had read a lot, psychological and medical terms flew out the window in the middle of a flashback. Simple ideas were easier to remember and helped to keep me grounded. I'm hoping that sharing the framework I developed will make your experiences a little less confusing.

File/chapter excerpted from
- Wed Mar 24 07:54:06 2004 newsletter
Subject: Survivorship Monthly Notes
March 2004 Volume 6, Number 2 
3181 Mission Street, San Francisco, California USA 94110 info@survivorship.or
Monthly Notes, formerly called Chart Notes, ISSN 1523-275, is published monthly. Copyright =A9 1999-2004 by Survivorship. All rights reserved. The entire contents of this issue are copyrighted by Survivorship or by the individual contributors. Contact Survivorship, PMB 139, 3181 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, or email for permission to reprint. Survivorship is a nonprofit organization.

Before I read up on flashbacks, I thought they were like living the trauma all over again, in every single detail. Sights, sounds, smells, temperature, and touch all would combine to recreate the original experience in a special kind of hallucination.
Well, mine aren't like the least bit like that. I get little snippets of odd things: a smell of gasoline or perfume when I am swimming; mistaking a car's backfiring for a gunshot; bizarre intrusive thoughts. I never thought much about these things until I learned about dissociation and flashbacks. They were just examples of the stuff that made me peculiar.
Now I understand that, during the trauma, I perceived the event in a dissociated state. I stored the memory in unconnected fragments, and when it surfaces, it comes back in fragments. So each little weird snippet is the memory of a small part of something I experienced years ago.
When I learned about Bennet Braun's BASK model of flashbacks, things started to make more sense. Braun made B stand for behavior, A for affect (emotion), S for sensations, and K for knowledge. Each of these modalities can come back separately. Let's go through them one by one.
Behavior, I think, is the hardest to understand as a flashback. We tend to repeat our traumas. If our Dad was distant, we fall for distant guys. If our Mom was alcoholic, we are attracted to alcoholic girls. But this feels like true love, not a flashback. And yet it is, really, because we are saying, in actions, something about our past. It feels familiar. It's a repetition of the past and is inappropriate in the present.
Here are some of my behaviors that I have come to see as flashbacks. I spend a lot of energy trying to please men and I am afraid of making them angry. I put myself down before others can put me down. I am perfectionistic, fearing that awful things will happen if I make a mistake.
The list goes on and on.
Emotional flashbacks (Braun's A for affect) are also confusing. Strong feelings sweep over me and I find myself crying, enraged, or full of fear.
My mind searches for a reason for these feelings. Since the reason, the original abuse, is still unconscious, I grab on to something in the present to explain my feelings. It's taken a lot of practice to recognize that I am having a flashback, and that I am not really afraid of this particular mailbox on the corner or this cute little harmless spider.
Sensation flashbacks are much easier for me to recognize. That piece of trash on the road is not a dead body. Loud noises are not gunshots.
Feeling cold in ninety-degree weather is a body memory. And so on.
Knowledge flashbacks feel really strange. I calmly say things I didn't know I knew, like the comparative cost of different animals my cult sacrificed. I describe code words that were used to trigger me more than fifty years ago. I just know these things. At the same time they seem improbable and surreal, like bad science fiction. I always have the reaction, "Where did that come from???"
Every now and then fragments come together and I know which event is paired with which sights or sounds or feelings. This seems like a photograph in my mind, or a short movie. Very occasionally I think the event is happening now and I have to work hard to separate the past from the present. These more complete flashbacks occurred more often shortly after I figured out I was ritually abused.
I know everybody is different. I realize that your flashbacks may not like mine at all. I know that some people may find it very helpful to intellectually understand what is going on, while others feel it's sort of beside the point. But I also know that many people have benefited, as I did, from using the BASK model to organize their thoughts about flashbacks. It can bring a little order into the chaos and can provide a degree of distance from the flashback experience. It can help you keep one foot in the present, so to speak, and that is very, very helpful. _____________________________________________________________

Repression of Unwanted Memories Has a Biological Basis

Science 1/9/2004, Vol. 303 pp.232-5

Just as Freud said, people are able to suppress unwanted thoughts and memories until they are no longer able to remember them. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers at Stanford and the University of Oregon have identified the parts of the brain involved in memory suppression. It is yet not known, however, whether suppression can produce complete and permanent amnesia for an unwanted memory.
Anderson, the first author, published the results of a behavioral study of suppression in a 2001 paper published in Nature titled "Suppressing Unwanted Memories by Executive Control." He took the research a step further at Stanford by using brain-imaging scans to identify the neural systems involved in actively suppressing memory.
The core findings showed that controlling unwanted memories was associated with increased activation of the left and right frontal cortex (the part of the brain used to repress memory), which in turn led to reduced activation of the hippocampus (the part of the brain used to remember experiences). In other words, the frontal cortex can prevent the creation of memory in the hippocampus. In addition, the researchers found that the more subjects activated their frontal cortex during the experiment, the better they were at suppressing unwanted memories.
Twenty-four people, aged 19 to 31, were given 36 pairs of unrelated nouns, and asked to remember them at 5-second intervals. The subjects were tested on memorizing the word pairs until they got about three-quarters of them right.
The participants then were tested while having their brains scanned using fMRI. The researchers randomly divided the 36 word pairs into three sets of 12. In the first set, volunteers were shown the first word in the pair and asked to recall and think about the second word.
In the second set, volunteers were asked to look at the first word of the pair and not recall or think of the second word. The third set of 12 word pairs served as a baseline and was not used during the brain scanning part of the experiment.
Afterwards, the subjects were retested on all 36 word pairs. The participants remembered fewer of the word pairs they had actively tried to not think of than the baseline pairs, even though they had not been exposed to the baseline group for a half-hour.
Anderson said the findings about the brain's ability to suppress memory could be used as a tool to better understand addiction and the ability of people to suppress unwanted thoughts related to cravings. It might also help provide a model to assess individuals at risk from suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and might suggest techniques to diminish the emotional response to trauma-related stimuli.

Healing with Animals

Although animals are abused in many ritual settings, they can be a profound source of healing. Daniel Hart thinks that writing focussing on survivors' experiences in healing with domestic or wild animals would be positive and inspiring.
He has volunteered to start a regular column in the Quarterly on this topic. Prose, poetry, and artwork submissions are all welcome.
You can e-mail submissions to him at
If you don't have e-mail, snail mail them to:
Attention: Daniel, Survivorship, PMB 139, 3181 Mission St, San Francisco CA 94110.

You Did It!!!

Tremendous thanks to Kevin, Daniel, Becky, and the two Suzannes for their months of patience and flexibility in moving the back issues of the Quarterlies from one storage location to another. A huge task, getting our schedules together, lifting, heaving, driving.... We very much appreciate everything our volunteers have done to help the operation of Survivorship.

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Within this site you will find information on ritual abuse (also called ritualistic abuse or ritual-abuse-torture). The difficult dates page lists holidays that are hard for survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA), polytheistic cult abuse, and abuse by nazi groups. The articles give background and deal with the effects of ritual abuse, child pornography, and child prostitution, and government/military mind control (MC). Many of the articles describe living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, formerly called MPD.) There are many links to other pages on ritual abuse and to healing resources

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We offer this web site, a bimonthly newsletter, an e-mail discussion list, and annual conferences.
If you have information about ritual abuse and mind control, especially information pertaining to secretive organizations, we would be grateful if you could send it to for inclusion in the newsletter. Please also contact us if you have comments about these pages or trouble with any of the links.


Greg Reid, Christian investigator, educator, and author, writer: Interviews They contains news updates, topic commentary, and hard-hitting, opinionated stuff. It's the flagship publication of YouthFire and is free to anyone who asks.

Shine the Light: Sexual Abuse and Healing in the Jewish Community by Rachel Lev has a variety of contributing authors, exploring different contexts of abuse. This book also has information on memory:

Important parts of the story may be missing, and survivors may have difficulty putting the pieces together to form a complete narrative with an accurate time sequence...although traumatic childhood memories are deeply engraved, they are not stored or retrieved in the same way as ordinary memories.
Many survivors have a period of amnesia during which they have no recollection of having been abused. In a careful follow-up study of two hundred women with documented childhood histories of sexual abuse, one in three did not remember the abuse twenty years later.

(Originally from Backtalk Mother Jones, March/April 1993) Northeastern University Press, Boston, Mass .

Ellen Lacter has a web site called:
Advocacy for Victims of Ritual Abuse. Kinds of Torture Endured in Ritual Abuse and Trauma-Based Mind Control: Brief Synopsis of the Literature on the Existence of Ritualistic Abuse: Overview of the Differences Between Satanism and Witchcraft: Mind Control; Simple to Complex: Work with "Abuser Personalities:" Accuracy of Recovered Memories: Safety Tips for Ritual Abuse Survivors: Deep Inner Decisions that Allow Survivors to Heal: Advocating for Ritualistically Abused Children: Child Indicators of Ritual Trauma in Play and Art: Adult and Adolescent Indicators of Ritual Trauma: Spiritual and Psychological Resolution of the Pain and Torment of Having Abused or Killed: Treating Dissociative, Abused, and Ritually Abused, Children: Relationships Between Mind Control and Ritual Abuse and more

Life Support:

The child prostitution and pornography survivor writing collective has: poetry, prose, testimony, analysis, education, and action "we get the message from the world around us that no one really expects us to still be alive - and certainly not to be creative, expressive human beings. in some ways, this message makes sense. what we have experienced as victims of child pornography and prostitution is so deeply destructive, so annihilating. we have experienced feeling shattered, dead, unable to continue existing. We struggle with the feeling that it is impossible for such extremes of pain, torture and violation to be - in any sense - survivable.

Monthly Notes, formerly called Chart Notes, ISSN 1523-275, is published monthly. Copyright =A9 1999-2004 by Survivorship. All rights reserved. The entire contents of this issue are copyrighted by Survivorship or by the individual contributors. Contact Survivorship, PMB 139, 3181 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, or email for permission to reprint. Survivorship is a nonprofit organization.

Go also to other files pointing thoroughly at alike subjects:
A far-reaching quotation endorsing far-reaching doubts:
Saturday, December 17 12 pm Pacific Time
(also on STOPCHILDABUSE) Alikina Memory & Survivors
Most survivors have questions about their memory processes at some time: is it true, did it happen? or  why can't I remember?, or even why do I keep having intrusive memories?. As we heal, we also become aware of times when our memories seem different than how we've been lead to believe 'normal' memory works. We feel like we forget too much, or we have nearly perfect memories. Often questions about memories of abuse are addressed in therapy, groups, books, etc; but questions about the everyday workings of memory, and how abuse may be affecting our brain function, stay unanswered. This webinar will primarily focus on what current psychological science knows about basic memory processes, as well as issues unique to the survivor community, learning styles and how they affect memory, tricks to assist remembering, and plenty of Q & A time.
Alikina is a survivor of severe abuse and a current grad-school student halfway through her Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She has presented articles and webinars for Survivorship in the past. She has worked with abuse survivors through community support organizations and been in therapy as both the client and the therapist, and plans to work with abuse and trauma survivors as her career path.

Italian references and quotations

At first go to international links related to this subject:
and to files/chapters of this site to have some momentous examples of harmful deeds
and also take a look at the amusing pamphlet mocking with bitter quotes: Etiology & treatment of childhood.
A real warning: there are indeed scientists who not only declare such harsh convictions, but who try to transpose them towards - harsher - aims  (see Delgado e Skinner )
If possible read also the Italian file of another site matching the above quoted
Totem and Taboo: IMBROGLIO E' IL CONTRARIO DI SVILUPPO. Da: 'La violenza contro il bambino' a 'Tempo di mutamenti' e 'La meglio gioventù'
From the "Violence against childhood" towards "Time of mutability" and "Best young people", and the translation of an Italian pun:
[ To "embroil / mislead" notes the contrary of to "develop": “Developed”? the contrary of “involved”! [Imbroglio, i.e. involvment is the contrary of  development, but imbroglio can also mean FRAUD])
Files/chapters from this Web site - and book - which are partly in English:
STUPRI-DI-GUERRA: i figli dell'odio
Nota: i file in pdf potranno essere duplicati o riprodotti su supporti elettronici, cartacei o di qualsiasi altro tipo e distribuiti liberamente, a DUE CONDIZIONI.
1) I libri, qualsiasi sia il supporto, dovranno essere assolutamente INTEGRI e COMPLETI sia nel testo che nella grafica; ogni modifica, soppressione, aggiunta di qualsiasi tipo faranno decadere il permesso di duplicazione e faranno automaticamente ricadere nei REATI previsti a tutela del diritto di autore.
2) L'eventuale distribuzione dei duplicati, qualsiasi sia il supporto, dovrà essere fatta esclusivamente a titolo GRATUITO.

Note: the file or the above-named files can be either duplicated or reproduced on electronic supports, paper or any other form and can be freely circulated under two conditions:
1) Whatever the  support  employed, the books must be reproduced INTEGRAL and COMPLETE both in their text and in their graphics; every change, omission or integration  of any sort cause the loss of permission to duplicate and automatically turn into legal  OFFENCES provided for by the law in protection of copyright.
2) Any circulation of the duplicates, whatever the support, must be FREE OF CHARGE.
Derivano da un altro sito - o meglio: da uno dei libri da questo derivati - alcune pagine di argomento introdutivo ai concetti base della MEDICINA e della CONSAPEVOLEZZAi nuovi volumi possono esser acquistati come veri "libri", ma i relativi COMPLETI pdf possono senza limitazioni venir SCARICATI e stampati a proprie spese dall'utente. / From another site people can make free download of pdf files and also of COMPLETE books - sorry - only in Italian

capitoli in pdf scaricabili/ pdf chapters
Quando la cartella clinica è terapeutica.Dare ai ricordi una seconda vita?
Consapevolezza e memoria
Medicina: scienza applicata e multidisciplinare: Emozioni, istinti, ricordi, contraddizioni

libri scaricabili in rete / pdf of complete books
Infanzia:un-mestiere-difficilissimo Copertina libro Infanzia

Mental, physical and technological abuses: NOT science fiction.
To rearrange, make known and divulge all the collected material – especially unpublished - in November 2002 the Italian Association, Scientific and Juridical, Against Mental, Physical and Technological Abuses – acronym aisjca-mft – was founded and its mouthpiece Web site was put on the Net; then, in July 2005, the whole Web site – how it looked like at that time – became also an ENCYCLOPEDIC book. But, because of its own statutory nature a Web site – contrary to a printed book – can’t be a “finished” work: in fact it DOES NOT aim at providing purely historical documentation, but at collecting a CONTINUATIVE adjournment about facts and testimonies. Thanks to this dynamism requests and debates concretize into other “facts” and these debates do not remain theoric discussions.  And so, in this years, in conformity with these presuppositions, some files have been greatly modified and others completely created: with new information about facts and authentic texts of testimonies which are still being collected. Then came the impellent necessity to publish in preview this new data as a SUPPLEMENT of the main book, before starting its real second edition not only revised but also even better adjourned.

And here below a persuasive - Italian - quotation:
Essenziali sono i COLLEGAMENTI che integrano insieme presente e passato!
Essential is to recognize the CONNECTIONS linking present to past!

Quanto è importante risonoscere i COLLEGAMENTI TRA PRESENTE E PASSATO

- In tanto tempo non era riuscita a fare emergere la verità dentro di me. E’ stata lei. [la terapista] per prima a sospettare che avessi subito violenza da bambina, ma poi l’ha messo in dubbio. Un tira e molla che ha avuto effetti devastanti ....
- Noi ex bambini abusati non abbiamo certezza di ciò che proviamo e ricordiamo. Siamo i primi a dubitare di noi stessi perché quello che affiora alla mente è troppo spaventoso. Uno psicologo, uno psichiatra dovrebbero aiutarti ad avere fiducia dei tuoi sensi. Invece spesso ti dicono che i tuoi ricordi nascondono una pulsione, un desiderio sessuale inconscio verso un genitore. Scambiano un incesto con un complesso di Edipo.
- Lei quando ha cominciato a ricordare?
- Quando ho avuto i primi rapporti con mio marito. Al suo posto vedevo un adulto senza volto. Un altro uomo.
- Come vive un bambino abusato?
- E’ diverso dagli altri e non sa perché. Per sopravvivere spezzetta la sua personalità in ruoli diversi. Nel mio caso c’erano la Linda seduttiva, la Linda giudice, la Linda buona, quella cattiva. Ho tentato più volte il suicidio, senza capire le radici della mia sofferenza.
- Come è possibile?
- La confusione è un tratto tipico di bambini abusati. Avevo dentro di me un tumore, un marchio misterioso di diversità, ma non sapevo vederlo. Mi dicevo: ho una casa, una famiglia, da mangiare e da vestire, e allora perché sono così infelice? Poi chiedevo perdono a Dio dei miei gesti assurdi. A 17 anni ho sofferto a lungo la depressione ho perso molti chili e miei, ipocritamente, si sono anche preoccupati.
- Come ne è uscita?
- Quando l’ho ammesso ho cominciato a stare già meglio. Poi due bravi psicologi mi hanno aiutato.
- In che modo?
- Mi hanno insegnato quanto fosse importante riconoscere i collegamenti tra il presente e il passato, solo così, piano piano, sono riuscita a ricostruire quello che mi era successo.
- Si spieghi

Poteva accadermi in qualsiasi momento, senza preavviso. Piombavo in una sorta di stato catatonico, diventavo rigida, non riuscivo a muovermi, neppure per andare in bagno. Potevo restare così addirittura per un giorno intero.
Mi hanno insegnato quanto fosse importante riconoscere i collegamenti tra il presente e il passato, solo così, piano piano, sono riuscita a ricostruire quello che mi era successo.
- Quali collegamenti?
- Faccio un esempio. Ieri pomeriggio mi sono accorta di tremare al rumore dei passi di uno sconosciuto sul pianerottolo di casa.
- Può accadere.
- Di pomeriggio, ad una donna di quarant’anni? No, c’era qualcosa che non andava. Un tempo però avrei continuato a tremare senza chiedermi perché. Oggi mi fermo a riflettere. E riesco a trovare i collegamenti. I passi dello sconosciuto mi ricordavano i rumori che faceva mio padre quando tornava a casa, dopo la scuola. Era il ritorno dell’orco. Fino a poco tempo fa somatizzavo addirittura il terrore che provavo nei suoi confronti.
- Anche in questo c’è un collegamento col passato?
- Sì. Il mio psicologo mi ha spiegato che mi immobilizzavo per rendermi invisibile, come fa la preda per sfuggire al cacciatore. Probabilmente usavo lo stesso stratagemma da bambina. Purtroppo non mi ha salvata.

This site and the book do NOT be a fount of notices but an
ENCYCLOPEDIC gather of different subjects: one another to be read time by time, or better to be CONSULTED even for learning. 
Questo sito e i libri che ne derivano NON sono di INFORMAZIONE, ma si costituiscono come una specie di ENCICLOPEDIE TEMATICHE, in cui vengono presentati e discussi vari argomenti da leggersi e soprattutto da CONSULTARE di volta in volta.
A seguito di difficoltà lamentate e relative richieste, l'architettura stessa del sito è stata modificata in funzione di un più agevole orientamento: sdoppiato il file/home si divide ora in secondo file con un nuovo nome - Presentazione e indice ragionato: come cominciare / Preamble: how to begin - che diventa iniziale e fondamentale come file semplificato dove a prima vista compaioni i links indirizzanti sui capitoli interni. Dopo la pubblicazione del libro aggiornamenti sono già iniziati e molti altri ne verrano fatti, ma si consiglia di considerare ancora con attenzione le più importanti passate modifiche.

It's ">It's Abuse NOT Science Fiction?

Dalla presentazione dettagliata del libro It's Abuse NOT Science fiction, e dalla data di pubblicazione - 14 luglio 2005 - molto è cambiato e molti DOCUMENTI sono stati sia sostituiti che aggiunti. In attesa di una completa nuova edizione del volume principale ne viene per ora edito un SUPPLEMENTO INTEGRATIVO UP-TO-DATE DOSSIERS. Dato che per molte vittime risulta più facile esporre passate sofferenze per scritto che a vocela diffusione di questi ampi e dettagliati rivissuti come di nuovi fatti ora emersi è assicurata da questa NUOVA PUBBLICAZIONE: un autonomo  VOLUME.
The book previously published at present needs to be modified.
It's Abuse NOT Science fiction published on July 14 2005 shortly became OUT OF DATE and so required to present also the consequent novelties coming from readers comments, from new deeds and MOSTLY on present-day flash-back discolosures - to note that for some victims it is easier to write than to speak.
UP-TO-DATE DOSSIERS of It's Abuse NOT Science fiction = Gli Abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici NON sono Fantascienza for the time being is a supplementary book, supplementary but matching also by itself not only to propose simple improvement, rather to share new particularly important DOCUMENTS.

Cortina libri TorinoVia Ormea 69 10125 Torino (ITALY),
Tel/Phone: +39 0116507074, +390116505228

Questa rielaborazione del famoso Sonno della ragione di Goya - ufficialmente copyright - è resa molto più inquietante dell'originale per essere utilizzata come copertina del libro e spiegata dal Disegnatore: Andrzej (Andrew) Suda / This powerful, more puzzling creative modification of the Goya's Sleep of reason- marked by the official Copyright - here is used as book cover's image, and explained by the Designer Andrzej (Andrew) Suda: should look just like many of the events described by the victims: they exist, are bothersome, and we don’t know exactly WHY they are there but they are there…[come molti dei fatti descritti dalle vittime: essi esistono, turbano e noi non riusciamo a conoscere esattamente il  PERCHE' ci siano, ma ci sono...]
 About the Book
This book not only documents the case of Andrzej Suda, it is also filled with documentation from the worlds most influential documented cases of psychological abuse, electronic harassment, organized stalking and mind control. Some cases include Rauni Leena Kilde MD., Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Kathy Sullivan, David Larson, and many others... Please support the truth with the purchase of our book. This will document many technologies and mind control weapons that have been kept hidden from the mainstream public. Over 600 pages of action packed TRUTH!

Consapevolezza e Memoria
Copertina libro Infanzia
Infanzia:un mestiere difficilissimo

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