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Artist Andrzej (Andrew) Suda: Presentation /

Presentazione come artista

27 ottobre 2016 / October 27 2016

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Targeted Individual: Industrial Designer Flees for Life

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Sprawa Sudy – Dokumentacja

Andrzej Suda portrait

AK-soldiers_Parasol_Regiment_Warsaw_Uprising_1944Decyzję o rozbiciu obozu w Rembertowie  podjął kpt. Walenty Suda ps."Młot"
Infonurt2 : właśnie skończyłem z Andrzejem Sudą ( po lewej) rozmowę. Rzeczywistość dla młodego emigranta okazała się bardziej wstrząsająca niż niejeden kryminał szpiegowski. Jak mówi: spałem z agentką..( Uwaga :dodano dokymenty i otwarto zaczniki)
Intencją tej publikacji jest ostrzeżenie dla masowej dziś emigracji z kraju na Zachód jak i stwierdzenie że nie ma i nie było podziału na Wschód i Zachód. Potwierdza to w swym wstępie do pracy naukowej „ Panerologia polityczna” ( wyd. OSTOJA) prof. Andrzej Łobaczewski jak i Wolf w Wojnie Wolfa , szef słynnej STASSI – tajnej policji NRD ( Niemiec Wschodnich) . Jest to ogólnoświatowa organizacja terrorystyczna która dawniej pod pretekstem Komuny i Żelaznej Kurtyny a obecnie Globalizmu i tzw. „demokracji” terroryzuje i morduje ludzi milionami. Powszechnie zaś wciskany bombami ludziom system demokracji doprowadza do władzy psychopatów, którzy prowadzą ciągłą wojnę z terrorem który sami tworzą ( 9/11, Londyn, Madryt, Wiosna Arabska, Libia , Syria , zabicie ambasadora USA w Libii- i w drodze Iran- to dzieła tej samej fałszywej flagi!!)
Walenty_Suda's_grave,_Piasecznogrób Walentego Sudy

Andrzej Grzegorz Suda, born 4th of January 1959 in Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland. Currently resides in Switzerland.
He graduated and as soon as it was possible immigrated to the U.S.A. There, after a few months of work as a painter, he opened his own business concentrating on painting and decorating churches, hotels and villas. He graduated and as soon as it was possible immigrated to the U.S.A. There, after a few months ofwork as a painter, he opened his own business concentrating on painting and decorating churches, hotels and villas. The dream of normal life did not last long: look at a very RECOMMANDED SYNOPSIS - Caso Suda: file originale - written in his own words of what happened later and to read the whole complete story and its up-dating references go to
AndrzejSuda: Story of Andrzej Grzegorz Suda

Recenti sviluppi e pericoli del caso / Recent happening

A mail: Winterthur, 24th March, 2010
Two weeks ago something very suspicious happened to me. Always I come home from work on the same commuter train  (S-12 from Baden to Winterthur) at the same time (17:15), so it is easy to find me there. I enter the train relatively early (3rd station from the start) and most of passengers come in later at other stations. On the seat directly in front of me (and facing me) set one young woman. 10 or 15 minutes later, tired after long day of work, I begun to sleep. Suddenly I felt a quick, very strong impact into my solar plexus. It was like somebody poked me with a finger (or a pencil). It was too strong and painful to be a joke. I opened my eyes and saw the woman quickly putting away into her purse an electronic device looking like a mobile phone (or rather larger like a Blackberry). What could I do? I am sure it wasn't a physical attack – the train was full of people, some standing perhaps 20-30 cm from us. She would not dare to touch me. Half an hour later, at home, I checked my skin in this area. There was no bruise, not even pink skin. Clearly nobody touched me physically. It was some kind of energy sent into my body, but for what reason?
That evening I had blood in my stool. This does not happen to me at all – it must be connected to the attack. My intuition tells me that somebody tried to kill me. Perhaps the burst of energy can cause veins to break. Perhaps she was aiming at the heart and because of the train moving and shaking she missed.
Please let me know if you have any information about aforementioned device (weapon). Perhaps I am not only one who had this type of “accident”. Any feedback, any bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share my experience with everybody. More people know, safer I am. Also, more people know- lower probability that the “Blackberry” will be used again.

 22 novembre 2011 00.21
Sometimes I am forced to share with other people a few details of my life. This is my version of ”preemptive strike” - if I do it before my perpetrators act the way I suspected, then I remain safe.
A couple of years ago somebody asked me if I was not afraid to look “like a paranoid idiot” in other peoples eyes. My answer was: “the ONLY way to prove that I was right and “they” were really planning to kill me get killed. I am not interested, thank you!”
So, the recent story goes like this. There is a guy in my social circle. He is of Nigerian origin but already with the Swiss citizenship and well integrated. His name and address:
xxx xxx
xxx x, xxx  xxxx
tel: xxx, mobile: xxx
I never trusted him because of his close relations with many strange Eastern Europeans (not good sign).
Last Friday he came for a visit (“invited himself”) and suggested we could drink some Polish Vodka
he knew I had. While I was in the other room changing CD, I overheard him acting very fast during my absence. I do not have anything to steal there, so I wasn't worry but the question remains....
After he left I realized that the empty Vodka bottle also disappeared. What can be of a value there?
It took me 2 days to come to the following conclusion. This particular bottle has my fingerprints because only I (the host) was pouring from it. The commotion he caused was perhaps because he was stealing other little items with my fingerprints or was doing the opposite – “planting” something in my apartment. So far I did not find anything but it is long way to go....
Of course I do not want to be set-up with something and get arrested. Perps do it all the time to people like me. This is the reason I wrote it. If something “funny” happens – you know who was involved.In that moment you should make the whole world know how Perps operate, even in Switzerland.

more puzzling and frightening adaptation of the "Slumber of reason" by Goya
Questa rielaborazione del famoso Sonno della ragione di Goyaufficialmente copyright - č resa molto pił inquietante dell'originale per essere utilizzata come copertina del libro e spiegata dal Disegnatore Andrzej (Andrew) Suda/ This powerful, more puzzling creative modification of the Goya's Sleep of reason - marked by the official Copyright - here is used as book cover's image,and explained by the Designer: Andrzej (Andrew) Suda:
should look just like many of the events described by the victims: they  exist, are bothersome, and we don’t know exactly WHY they  are there but they are therecome molti dei fatti descritti dalle vittime: essi esistono, turbano e noi non riusciamo a conoscere esattamente il  PERCHE' ci siano, ma ci sono....] About the Book: This book not only documents the case of Andrzej Suda, it is also filled with documentation from the worlds most influential documented cases of psychological abuse, electronic harassment, organized stalking and mind control. Some cases include Rauni Leena Kilde MD., Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Kathy Sullivan, David Larson and many others... Please support the truth with the purchase of our book. This will document many technologies and mind control weapons that have been kept hidden from the mainstream public. Over 600 pages of action packed TRUTH! [

UP-TO-DATE DOSSIERS di It's Abuse NOT Science fiction = Gli Abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici NON sono Fantascienza

Up-to-dateDalla presentazione del libro It's Abuse NOT Science fiction, e dalla data di pubblicazione - 14 luglio 2005 - molto č cambiato e molti DOCUMENTI sono stati sia sostituiti che aggiunti. In attesa di una completa nuova edizione del volume principale ne viene per ora edito un SUPPLEMENTO INTEGRATIVO per diffondere IMPORTANTI UP-TO-DATE DOSSIERS in una NUOVA PUBBLICAZIONE che si costituisce come un autonomo VOLUME.
The book previously published at present needs to be modified.

It's Abuse NOT Science fiction published on July 14 2005 shortly became OUT OF DATE and so required to present also the consequent novelties coming from readers comments, from new deeds and MOSTLY on present-day flash-back discolosures. UP-TO-DATE DOSSIERS of It's Abuse NOT Science fiction = Gli Abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici NON sono Fantascienza for the time being is a supplementary book, supplementary but matching also by itself not only for propose simple improvement, rather mostly to share some new particular important DOCUMENTS.

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Mr. Andrzej Suda's case
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16 Dec. 2005 by Greg Szymanski
March 2006 Szymanski Investigative Journal RBN mp3 Archive

(Citazione dal Sito dell'ingegner Giuseppe Muratori: 'Nuovo' World Intelligence Foundation)

Dopo il 1989, decine di migliaia di spie degli ex Kgb, Stasi, Sigurimi, Kds, Sb, Stb, Securitate sono rimaste disoccupate. Ma, quasi subito, sono state arruolate nell'Intelligenceintern, in una sorta di nuova Odessa, in un'interagenzia voluta e diretta dagli ex gerarchi sovietici. I loro scopi sono quelli di proteggere i capi in fuga e - con le immense quantitą di valuta pregiata probabilmente trafugate e trasferite su conti numerati in banche di paradisi fiscali - di riconquistare il potere dove sarą possibile. E, democraticamente, č gią avvenuto in alcuni Paesi e - non manu militari - in Kazakistan.
Lo spionaggio militare č in forte aumento nei cinque continenti.

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